Coolest Boys On Planet? BTS Obvs!

All You Need To Know About South Korean Boy BandBTS

There’s 7 of them – what? That’s at least two more than 1D, Take That, The Beatles, Jackson 5, The Bee Gees and ABBA. Do I need to go on?

They are not just quantity, but also oodles of quality: KPopQuality.

BTS debuted on 13 June, 2013 with their song ‘No More Dream.’

First and foremost the band members comprise:

BTS boasts the presence of V

  • Real name is Kim Taehyung
  • Nicknames are Tae, Blank Tae, TaeTae, Gucci Boy
  • The eldest of three, he came into the world at end 1995 (30 Dec to be precise) so he is now 22.
  • Born in the Seo District of Daegu, South Korea his parents are farmers. Much of his childhood was spent with his granny  (like Justin Bieber).
  • V attended the Korean Arts High School, followed by Global Cyber University. (note to self, check whether V is actually a cyber man after all)
  • V is now a super-duper singer, dancer, songwriter and actor.
  • His main role in BTS is a vocalist (singer to those people who don’t know what a vocalist is, not signer (singer); not violinist, vocalist.
  • V revealed his talent for songwriting, being co-writer and co-producer of ‘Hold me Tight’, on BTS’ album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1.
  • He and BTS colleague Suga (see further below) collaborated on the lyrics for “Boyz with Fun”.
  • Collaboration became the name of the game, as V’s melody was combined with the original lyrics of band member Jungkook’s (also see further below, not the JungleBook but JungKook) in the song ‘Run’  for the next album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2. (that’s Part 2, following on from Part 1 – get it get it?)
  • V’s solo single “Stigma” from the BTS album Wings (which by the way included a bunch of solos by each of them), placed at 26 on the Gaon Music Chart and was huge in the USA hitting number 10 on the Billboard World Digital Singles Chart.
  • Aspiring to other great vocalists like himself, V has done on his own a cover of Adele’s song ‘Someone Like You’. Like we all have done at some point.  It’s very emotional and beautiful. V has a deep beautiful voice. Not just a pretty face then.
  • Last year, his song ‘4 o’clock’ which features fellow BTS member RM (see below – descendent of REM from 90’s grunge era), was released to celebrate BTS’ fourth anniversary.
  • Displaying his acting prowess, V performed in a supporting role in KBS2’s historical drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth.  As well as acting in this production, he provided one of the songs for the soundtrack. It was called ‘Even if I Die, It’s You’ and BTS member Jin (see below – not Gin (although now you mention it) helped out.
  • V is a very sexy man. It is very true because on the list for 100 most handsome faces in 2017 he came in 1st Place. Yes you read that correctly – he is the most handsome man that has ever walked on earth. No one is more handsome than him. He beats Chris gems worth and bustin bieber. And all the other men you can think of. Number one!!! Obvs it’s not even surprising. It was a fan voted affair but I didn’t vote so yeah I didn’t even knew it was happening lol. But obviously other people did know about it. If you don’t believe me look it up it is true. And moreover, Brazilian surgeons have studied Kim Taehyung’s face and said it is so perfect and beautiful they can’t believe he is real and natural. Perfect symmetry. But he is! No surgery! Jungkook took No.13 in the list whereas Jimin (see further below, named after Jiminy Cricket) took No.64 (should have been ranked higher in our opinion). V is hot and yummy it is a scientific fact! He is so pretty like a doll. No.1 taetae bae bae.

Other important facts

  • His favourite Korean food is called Japchae which is made from potato noodles and he loves Kimchi which is very famous in Korea. It is stewed cabbage but sometimes they use Korean radishes instead.
  • When he goes to America he loves to eat at a restaurant called Panda Express. They serve American Chinese cuisine.
  • V’s favourite colours are purple, white, green and black.
  • He likes to bite his nails sometimes. He loves opening his mouth randomly. If he sees something that is cute he touches it. When he misses his mummy he screams: “Eomma!”
  • He has a puppy called Yeontan
  • He will never get a tattoo because his dad would kill him
  • But he does have a couple of moles here and there…..

Enough of V, onwards:

Next for shaving:

BTS Suga

    • Real name is Min Yoongi
    • Born in Daegu, South Korea in early spring 9th March, in start of 90s (1993 to be precise) so he has just turned 25 years old. Happy Birthday!!!
    • Suga has an older brother called Min Jun Ki.
    • He went to Taejeon Elementary School, Gwaneum Middle School, and Apgujeong High School.
    • Suga started to write music and lyrics when he was 13 and to learn about MIDI (fascinating bit of techie kit).
    • When he was 17 he got a part-time job at a recording studio.
    • Around this time he performed as an underground rapper called Gloss. This included a song with the hip hop crew D-Town titled “518-062” in commemoration of the Gwangju Uprising.  It was just a phase.
    • After that he really got going composing and arranging music, rapping, and performing.
    • He has 60 songs to his name so far.
    • He also goes by the pseudonym Agust D – if you look carefully you will see it is Suga spelled backwards plus “DT” which is a reference to his hometown Daegu.
    • His own first solo mixtape Agust D was released on SoundCloud in 2016. This covered issues such as his struggles with depression and social phobia. It was rated by Fuse TV as one of the top 20 mixtapes of the year. Suga preferred not to release this commercially, describing that as the “feeling of being trapped in some sort of framework.”
    • Incidentally he does no singing, just rapping (presents for Xmas and everyday he feels like it).
    • I love his song ‘So Far Away’ ft. Suran on his mixtape Agust D. It’s so beautiful he yummy and sexy
    • Building on this professional relationship, he composed a song “Wine” for Suran in 2017.
    • This reached number two (almost got to number one) on the Gaon Digital Chart.
    • “Wine” won the award for best Soul/R&B track of the year at the Melon Music Awards. As well as that Suga got the “Hot Trend Award” for his sleek production technique!
    • As a member of BTS he’s the most laidback and he has proclaimed his love of sleep. According to his Facebook profile in 2016, his special skills were lying down and he is the worst member in BTS at moving around. Moving is overrated (just watch those Olympic skiers falling down they should have stayed in bed).
    • In case you need to know his Blood type: O

  • When he was in Japan, doing promotional stuff, his stomach felt hurting so he went to toilet because he thought it was diarrhoea but he find out his appendix has burst. From too much lying down, or too much wine with Suran maybe.  So he flew (was flown) to Korea to have surgery because in Japan you have to pay money for a surgery and BTS too poor. They didn’t confirm it was appendicitis in Japan coz they don’t have benefit of knowing stuff from BBC Casualty on TV.

Now then, who’s next – BTS Jungkook

    • Yummy I love him he is the youngest member of BTS heheheh he is yummy I recommend you listen to his solo bit on Wings: ‘you make me ‘begin’!!!!’
    • Real name: Jeon Jungkook, well not in fact, his real name is spelt Jeongguk not Jungkook. Lol.
    • Born in late summer 1st September 1997 (he is only 20) in Mandeok-dong, Busan, Buk District, South Korea
    • Height: 1.78 m
    • Jungkook’s favourite number is 1 – good one
    • Jungkook’s favourite weather is sunny with a cool breeze – we can’t argue with that
    • When he was a little boy his passion in life was badminton so he wanted to be a badminton player. But when he started high school he listened to a singer called G-Dragon and decided he wanted to be a singer.
    • Some day in the future he would love to be the owner of a duck meat restaurant or a world famous tattoo artist. What’s stopping you?
    • He has an older brother called Jeon Jung Hyun (this can’t be right, insufficient genetic variation on name front)
    • Jungkook’s blood type is A (you do need to know this)
    • Jungkook’s favourite colours are black, red and white. He reckons the best colours that express hip hop are black and red.  He must like ladybirds.

  • Jungkook’s ideal type (of ladybird) is a human who’s at least 1.68m, a great wife, a skilled chef, intelligent, has pretty pins and she has to be a kind human.
  • He has done lots of English song covers like Justin Bieber’s songs: 2U and Nothing Like Us. He has a very pretty voice.
  • Jungkookie covered a Troye Sivan song called “Fools” with RM. I really like it, I recommend anyone that’s reading this, young or old, to go and listen to it.
  • His favourite food is bread, pork soup rice 🍚 🍛 , pizza 🍕 , sashimi (from Japanese cuisine), sea eel and anything with flour. Yummy.
  • Jungkook’s favourite song is a song by Primary and Zion T, it is called “See Through”.
  • Jungkook’s mottoes he likes a lot are, “Living without passion is like being dead,” and, “Rather be dead than cool.”
  • Jungkook’s favourite super power would be to be able to talk to all animals. Aww so cute!!!!
  • He is also known as the Golden Maknae (aka ‘baby of the family’).

Let’s go fourth

Being BTS Jimin as aforementioned Pinocchio’s friendly cricket 

  • Real name: Park Jimin
  • Born in the scary spooky month of October on a even spookier day of 13 in 1995 so he has now had 22 birthdays.
  • He’s from Geumjeong District, Busan, South Korea
  • Height: 1.74 m (so above knee high to a cricket)
  • His favourite colours are light blue and black.
  • Park Jiminie’s favourite number is 3.
  • Family is his dad, mum and younger brother named Park JiHyun. I love Jimin he’s sooo cute and yummy. Omg he is so chubby and squishy. Awwwwwhhhh you must check out his lovely singing on Wings ‘caught in a lie’ sounds like Mozart
  • Jimin’s favourite food is stew kimchi (like V) and pork, chicken 🐔 🍗 🐓 and any type of meat. 🥩 🍖 he’s like my cat!
  • He has lovely teeth they are straight and white – sooo white!!! He went to high school with V so they knew each other before the debut of BTS (probs played badminton together). They are the same age (funny that).
  • His nicknames are Princess Jimin, chimchim (which as you know is from Mary Poppins song) and Park Jiminie (he is mainly called this by Suga). Omg. He perfect waaaa waaa!!!

Okay, are you ready for the big one (we thought we’d save him ’til now) ‘No, I’m not!’

BTS RM (used to be known as Rap Monster)

  • In BTS his role is a rapper and he is the leader of BTS.
  • Real name is Kim Namjoon
  • Born in early autumn 🍂  September 12, 1994 (same year as Justin Bieber) so RM is 23-years-old and he is from Ilsan-gu, Goyang, South Korea 🇰🇷
  • So far in his illustrious career, he has created songs with a range of peeps including likes of Wale, Warren G, Gaeko, Krizz Kaliko, MFBTY, and Primary.  RM is a major songwriter for BTS and also produces quite a few of them, and by this stage in the game he has over 80 tracks under his belt.
  • Once upon a time, pre-BTS  he was an underground rapper known by the pseudonym Runch Randa.  As such he released quite a lot of songs and also co-created a song with Zico, another underground rapper.
  • As part of the development of super-band BTS, RM trained for years with fellow recruits – underground rapper Min Yoon-gi (Suga) and dancer Jung Ho-seok (J-Hope) to become the rapping core of the BTS sound.
  • Incidentally RM is quite intelligent. His IQ is 148, having ranked in the top 1.3% of South Korea in the university entrance exams for social studies, language, maths and foreign language.  He can speak Japanese and English, and although all members of BTS learned Japanese pre-debut, RM still to this day studies Japanese (what good that did when Suga needed his appendix out). When it comes to religion, he says he is an atheist.
  • RM has been a busy bee playing with lots of Korean and American rappers and musicians.  Back in March 2015, a fabulous song called P.D.D (Please Don’t Die) was released with Warren G (famous American hip hop producer). The video for P.D.D is well awesome with aeroplanes, airports, recording sessions and RM looking cool wearing a mask in LA. I think the song is catchy and shows RM has a lot of attitude.
  • RM’s own first (and so far only) solo mixtape came out in spring of 2015, reaching the lowly heights of number 48 on Spin‘s “50 Best Hip Hop Albums of 2015”. Oh well better luck next time…
  • RM collaborated with hip hop team MFBTY for the song “Bucku Bucku” and was in their video.  He also appeared in a small part in another MFBTY music video for their song, “Bang Diggy Bang Bang”(방뛰기방방).”  as you do with an IQ of 142 or 48 as the case may be.
  • RM sang alongside Kwon Jin Ah on Primary’s song U for the album ‘2′, back in 2015. It’s a yummy song. I like the voice of the girl Jin Ah. She has a nice voice. Kind of slow but still yummy.
  • RM joined forces with Marvel for Fantastic Four film’s soundtrack in August 2015 performing in the digital production of “Fantastic” alongside vocalist Mandy Ventrice.
  • With his budding producer hat on, RM worked with big cheese CEO Bang Shi Hyuk in August 2016 on Homme’s song “Dilemma”. Lovely song!  This followed RM’s  production work on BTS’ song “Epilogue: Young Forever” and the SoundCloud song “I Know”.
  • In case you were wondering RM also joined forces with the phenomenal American rapper Wale on a unique socially-motivated song called “Change” in March 2017 – this was released as a free to download along with a brilliant accompanying music video
  • Just before Christmas 2017 it emerged from social media that RM had performed on the remix of Fall Out Boy’s gritty ditty “Champion” released worldwide across all music streaming sites.   It clambered up to number 18 on Billboard’s Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles, and catapulted heartthrob RM to number 46 on the Emerging Artists Chart in January 2018.
  • RM also made history as the first K-pop artist to be on the Rock Digital Songs chart, Champion coming in at number two on the list. So it’s sure worth a listen.
  • American hip-hop magazine XXL recently issued a list  “10 Korean Rappers You Should Know” which RM was on (obvs). Writer Peter A. Berry compares RM to “Pitbull or Flo Rida for those pop vibes,” and assures us, “RM rarely fails to live up to his name.”
  • He even goes as far as to say he is “one of the region’s most dexterous rappers, capable of switching flows effortlessly as he glides across an array of diverse instrumentals”.
  • RM recently has undergone a nasal surgery for a deviated septum!!! Ew!!! But he is recovering and he’s getting better.

Moving on (beyond the size of usual boy band) wake up wake up, 2 more to go: we have sixth: BTS J-Hope

  • Real name is Jung Hoseok
  • Born in early spring on the 18th of February 1994 so he is 24-years-old.
  • Height is 1.77 m
  • Nickname is Hobi
  • He is an upbeat person who is smiley and he is a very good dancer. V has confirmed this – J-Hope won an underground dance competition before joining BTS.  J-Hope was part of a street dance team named NEURON.
  • He is a rapper too. One of his biggest fans is John Cena (famous wrestler in case you didn’t know) obviously because he put a pic of J-Hope on his Instagram page.
  • His fave colour is green like 🌳 trees 🌲 . He’s a treehugger. J-Hope is my hope. 


J-Hope’s first solo mixtape is here released March 2018. Highlights include HANGSANG and AIRPLANE  – very groovy tunes. He has made history by getting on the Billboard US chart. Way to go!

Number 7, lucky for some – BTS Jin

    • Real name is Kim Seok-Jin
    • Jin is the oldest member of BTS (age 25, grey hairs coming) born in deep winter on the 4th December 1992 (same year as Selena Gomez) in Gwacheon, South Korea.
    • He is known variously as: Worldwide Handsome, the third one from the left (they do have an order), Visual King, Car door guy (we don’t even know why), Sexy guy who cooks well.
    • I love his solo song “Awake” from “Wings” it amazing I love it. It’s emotionally beautiful.
    • He has broad shoulders!! So is also known as Shoulder Hyung and Jinpaca (Jin and Alpaca).
    • His favourite number is 4 (maybe because he was born on the 4th of December)
    • His favourite colours are pink and blue – keeping options covered
    • He has two sugar gliders named Eomuk and Odeng which means fishcakes. They are small sleepy flying possums (i.e. flying squirrel that eats sweeties).

  • So cute!!!!!!! I love them.
  • When he was a little boy his desire was to be a detective.
  • He hates horror movies. Except when he was on fire 🔥  and ironed by V in the BTS ‘Fire’ music video – check it out: it’s ace!!!

Righto – Mic Drop time, I’m off for a G&T and a lie down watching Casualty, hoping my appendix won’t burst.

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  1. OMG, what a super duper amazo article about BTS. It really is all I ever wanted to know about the South Korean 7 – and lots of things I never wanted to know too, so that’s a bonus. No BS, it’s BTS!

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